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PRO LOGO – illustration group exhibition

By Afonso Pessanha ,   André Lui ,   António Duarte Mil-Homens ,   Brian Cheong ,   Cecilia Rosa Sequeira ,   Fernando Simões ,   Gigi Lee Yee Kee ,   João Jorge Magalhães (SAH) ,   João MT ,   Katat Chan ,   Li Li ,   m.chow ,   mavin zin ,   Mel Cheong ,   Papa Osmubal ,   Raúl Martins ,   Rui Rasquinho ,   Vincent Metayer

Event Date: 1st — 15th March, 2012

CREATIVE MACAU is pleased to present you the illustration exhibition – PRO LOGO.  PRO LOGO is one of the three annual group exhibitions organized by CREATIVE MACAU for its members, providing opportunities to new members as well as professionals. Today illustration is absolutely necessary in order to succeed in any company, product, design, publishing, magazine, video, cinema, newspaper, advertising, and also for all sorts of cultural or artistic activity. 19 participants from different creative background such as product design, graphic design, architecture, photography and visual arts have responded to the invitation.  They are Afonso Pessanha, André Lui, António Mil-Homens, Brian Cheong, Cecilia Sequeira, Fernando Simões, Gigi Lee, João MT, Katat Chan, Li Li, m.chow, Mel Cheong, papa osmubal, Raúl Martins, Rui Rasquinho, SAH, Sonia Viseu, Vanessa Valente, and Vincent Metayer. 30 new artworks will be displayed in our multi-functional gallery CREATIVE MACAU. All works are created by using different techniques and material such as photo montage, digital illustration, installation, drawings on wood, hand drawn sketches, etc for the exhibition.