Event Date: 8th — 27th November, 2021

Students from USJ show their best-selected works at Creative Macau

SELECTED WORKS 2021” is the name of the exhibition opened to the public at the Creative Macau gallery, from 8 to 27 November 2021.

Artworks from the University of Saint Joseph’s Department of Creative Industries graduated students, exhibited as part of the “SELECTED WORKS 2021” exhibition, aim to showcase the best capstones projects from the Bachelors of Architectural Studies, Communication and Media, Design and Fashion Design from the academic year 2020-2021.

The exhibit features a selection of four architecture projects, created under the conceptual theme of “Common Futures” for the city of Macao: the “Levitating Acqua”, a Cultural center for the North border gate of Macao, the “Meteorite” building, a new LRT station for Macao, the “Foam Art Centre” a public living room for the Arts and the “Fluid Void” project, a new shopping mall for the city; four design projects under the theme “Reconnect”, the “Hea” multifunctional chair, the “Sero” a modular speaker system, the “Loop” a set of sleek workout gear and the “B.Water” a water drinking and refilling station for the public space; three Fashion Design projects developed under the theme “Connections”: the “Nick & Jordan Collection – Grab Life by the Contrast”, the “Intimate Delivery Collection – Invisible Love”, and the “Rhythm Collection – Accelerated the Economy”; and finally, four transmedia projects, including the imaginative realism photography project “Matter of Perspective”, the landscape photography project “Urban Textures”, the creative photography collection “Back to the 90s” and the Magazine Article & Photography

“Hidden Xtravaganza”.


The Department of Creative Industries of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities invites all interested in visiting the exhibition held at the Creative Macau, G/F Macau Cultural Centre Building, until the 27th of November, and to attend the Opening Ceremony, the 8th of November at 6:00 PM.