“Self-Development” – artworks exhibition

By Ana Claudia Dias Cardoso

Event Date: 4th May — 8th June, 2024

Art is everywhere, we as artists look for inspiration in our daily lives, art inspires me and I inspire it. As a designer, we always look for the latest trend, the new fashion, the creation that is in vogue. But fashion is also art in itself. Many times, I am always focused within my world, I often think that people understand me, but in reality, it is me within myself, within my imaginary world. These sets of drawings represent various facets of me, I always want to do many things at the same time, and of course fashion is part of my development, it is part of the connection I have with art, fashion is linked to fabrics, clothes, ropes, paint, in the end it’s like an insight inside me, that everything is inspired and everything reflects art, art that is in me and in development.