Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries

Sound Design and Music Production

Event Date: 6th October, 2006

Workshop Purpose

The Purpose of this presentation can be divided into three main approaches:

1). To demonstrate, and teach three powerful software tools for music composition and sound design:

Propellerheads Reason

Ableton Live


2). To Introduce the fundamental musical and technological concepts involved in using the software, while showing that little or no formal musical education is needed to create a high quality product.

3). To describe the equipment needed to Create a sound design or music studio.


Film and Video Artists looking to increase their knowledge of tools and techniques for sound production and editing or to locate an experienced sound designer and editor in Macau.

Advertisers seeking to build an in-house music production department or connect with a local high-tech and cost-effective sound production resource.

Computer Game Developers Wanting to learn more about sound design and music production for games or to collaborate with a local sound designer

Performing Artists in need of original musical support for their performances and wanting to compose or design their own or to work with a local composer.

Visual Artists open to the idea of sonic installation to complement a gallery showing or an exhibition.

Architects Interested in exploring interactive sonic installation for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Fashion Designer who desire a unique and original soundtrack for runway shows customized to their presentation.

Musicians with or without prior experience with any of the software, hoping to learn more about sound design and electronic music composition using these technologies.