Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries

The Last Portrait

By Mel Cheong

Event Date: 29th October — 16th November, 2010

CREATIVE MACAU presents “The Last Portrait”, a fine art exhibition in oils and prints, by Mel Cheong from 29th October to 16th November 2010. The oil paintings are caricatured where she distorted the features of the real person or thing while exaggerating some characteristics. No doubt about that Mel Cheong is fond of arts and would like to become a part of the artists’ community. She approaches the art fields experimenting different types of categories such as photography, drawing, painting, engraving, graffiti, illustration … etc. She has been participating in collective exhibitions in Macau and Portugal since 2005.

Mel Cheong participated in our group exhibition with works in different media due to the unrecognized/undecided artistic path for her future. For this reason, CREATIVE MACAU invites her to hold a solo exhibition with a series of homogeneous works in our gallery as encouragement. We hope that it will help to reduce her fear “What if “, the uncertain feeling for her future. As what she wrote in her introduction, when the end point of her fear appears will make her artistic career start in definite. Hopping that “What if “ will no longer exist. In fact, many people who have experienced the same situation in their daily life and will never find out the answer. What should we say to someone who is only 25 years old related to the topics on living, learning, achievement and accomplishment, the answer should be WORK, WORK and WORK incessantly. Only this could make her prepare herself in a position to grasp her dream in life. Hopping Mel Cheong could develop her strength on the art fields and would become a successful artist. It is because the world of art is also seeking for an alternative, perhaps a balance between the cultural/ spiritual world and business/reality world.