UNLOCK THAT DOOR – 17th Anniversary Collective Exhibition

By Adalberto Tenreiro ,   Alex Ao ,   Alexandre Marreiros ,   Angel Kit Cheng Chan ,   Arlinda Frota ,   Bing Cheong ,   Cai Guo Jie ,   Cheong Ut Man, Coco ,   Cristina Vinhas ,   David K. K. Chio ,   Duarte Esmeriz ,   DWG ,   Heidi Ng ,   Joan Lam ,   Ken C. I. Chau ,   Lampo Leong ,   Lúcia Lemos ,   Luna Cheong ,   m.chow ,   Mel Cheong ,   Papa Osmubal ,   Regina Leong ,   Ricardo Meireles

Event Date: 28th August — 19th September, 2020

Today, not many people write letters on paper to be sent by post or delivered by hand. Writing a letter to someone is something intimate – although the other person is far away, he/she remains present both in image and spirit. Words in letters carry meanings and often lead us to a cathartic release. When writing one, we go through a mindful, personal experience. The presented artworks in this exhibition are based on writing a letter in which members are free to share their life’s meaningful experiences and milestones with great importance. The letter set off their imagination to develop and build up an artwork to be shown at the gallery.