Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries


Event Date: 9th January, 2010

It was the second time on 1st of June the Center For Creative Industries — CREATIVE MACAU launched a photography competition. Here we applied the same regulations, purposes and general features of the previous contest on the competition of this year except the theme and title. As the main feature and aim of this competition was image manipulation of which could challenge and stimulate entrants to creative new artistic expression and that’s the reason to adapt the pre-established rules.

In 2008, the Beyond The Eyes — Daily Life photo contest stipulated that all entrants must creative works which could explore views of daily life of individual or society. This time, for VOICES OF MACAU, we focused on the exploration of interior architecture designs of the old and contemporary social, commercial, individual, religionary and historical buildings. But the entrants must go beyond the history issue and to creative works which would be able to reflect the issue of Sociocultural Identity of Macau.

The concept of this competition caught the attention of ‘a.m. post’, a monthly art and cultural magazine in HK. In their issue no. 67, published in July 2009, written that Macau persistently motivate local people to have a self-esteem for their cultural heritage, launching such creative and innovative competitions to inspire and motivating all local people to have a voice of what they feel as their own sociolcultural identity as well the what we have calling Macau world heritage.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all sponsors and supporters. Without their ongoing promotions for the Voices of Macau in all Chinese, English and Portuguese media, radio channels and TDM, it would not be possible to reach all communities. Once again, we would like to thank you Destination Macau, Hoje Macau, Jornal Tribuna de Macau, Macau Business, Macau Post Daily and Ponto Final in particular. With their kind supports, we received great help in promotion; achieved great success and raised promising talents who could show up their creativity in the Photography field. Though this contest was in photography field, we were very happy to see that entrants not only included photographers, but the professionals in design, interior design architecture, craft and art computer science too.

A special thankful word to the jury panel: David Hurting, (Photography Director of Destination Macau), JLS Marques (President of Institute of European Studies of Macau), Lúcia Lemos (Organizer & Project Manager of Center For Creative Industries), Luis Almoster (Independent Photographer), Noah Ng Fong Chao (Independent artist), Paulo A. Azevedo (Founder and Publisher of Macau Business), and Ung Vai Meng (Head of Department Cultural Activities and Recreation of Macau, IACM); as well as IACM and Macau Cultural Center who are being our big supports since 2003. In addition, we would like to express our endless thanks to our award sponsors: BANCO NACIONAL ULTRAMARINO, MACAU BUSINESS, CANON (sponsored prize and the printing service of all awarding images) and CREATIVE MACAU.

Thank you to MACAU BANNER BAG too. Thanks for their 22 small fashionable souvenirs packaged bags. Another word of thankful to Jeff Lao and Menn Chow whom devoted time and patience to this contest. Finally, we would like to say thank you to all entrants and winners too.