Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries

When Taste Comes Out

By Ana Rita Dias Ferreira

Event Date: 17th April — 5th May, 2010

WHEN TASTE COMES OUT from 17th April to 5th May 2010 is a solo photography with digital manipulation exhibition by RITA FERREIRA. All photographs were printed on photo paper in square format (1.5m x 1.5m).

On this occasion, the venue of CREATIVE MACAU will bring the public a series of peculiar photograph images which were manipulated by software programmes. Nowadays, digital manipulation turns to be a common practice, fake images are getting very difficult to detect. Is that truth that anyone could create similar works to photographers as if they are willing to do it in patience? In recent, digital manipulation has become a kind of popular pastime of people such as photoshopping. In fact, this kind of photographic work has already been accepted as a new art form by many people.

Like “Alice in the wonderland”, Rita Ferreira had a childhood dream of becoming a fashion designer one day. But once back to our real world, after she grew up, she found herself a career as Graphic Designer. Many people have their own dream careers, but most of them are walking in a different career path in usual practice where they would never enjoy themselves. When we look at Rita’s SILLUETES, it is quite observable that it combines the ideas in fashion design with the manipulation techniques in graphic design. This is why CREATIVE MACAU always motivating our members to free their imagination as an add value ingredient in the process of creating their most desirable works.