Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries


Event Date: 27th August — 27th September, 2011

Live Perfomance at 6pm, 27 August, 2011 by SCORPIO | The Audio Visual Shelter | Electronic Music Live & Experimental Video Projection

To celebrate our eighth anniversary, Center for Creative Industries – CREATIVE MACAU called members from Advertising, Architecture, Craft, Design, Designer Fashion, Film & Video, Interactive Leisure Software, Music, Performing Arts, Publishing, Software & Computer Development and Visual Arts to participate in this exhibition. We anticipated this title to evoke emotions to boost ideas. CREATIVE MACAU makes every effort to present new works to the public. Adam Lui | Afonso Pessanha | Anita Fung | Brian Cheong | Carolina Bettencourt | Cristina Vinhas | Debby, Sou Vai Keng | Fernando Simões | Jason Lei | Laura Che | Li Li | Lúcia Lemos | m.chow | Mel Chong | Ondina Oliveira | Raul T. Martins | Wu Lu Seng give us the pleasure to show their works in WILD ROAD TRIP 8 exhibition from 27th August to 14th September of 2011.

Now, there is a sign of new momentum in Macau: creative industry is a prized word that becomes a “hot spot” in the large creative society. Soon, the monotonous scenario will be broken up as the government is encouraging entrepreneurs to invest in local talents. Opportunities are blossoming for them to become professional or new entrepreneur.

We keep on injecting local creative talents to business sectors and more and more new entrepreneur initiates to launch their own products to new market. This year, we have been holding over 13 exhibitions at CREATIVE MACAU showing their design, product, art installation, video, sculpture, urban sculpture, photography and painting. We are the perfect stage to launch modern and creative design. There are two launchings of products designed and manufactured by small enterprises founded in Macau. Plus, to uncover more talents in multimedia, we organize the second audio-visual competition “SOUND AND IMAGE CHALLENGE – Loud Image Colorful Sound”.