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Wong Ho Sang at the Millennium Gallery

22nd — 30th June, 2004

“Remix“, a photography exhibition of Wong Ho Sang, is being held at the Millennium Gallery.

New Display Rotation for Summer

18th June, 2004

A new display rotation has been arranged for this summer. Besides the beach with glowing sunshine, there is a place which also attracts you most…CCI!

Denis Murrell at the Millennium Gallery

8th — 21st June, 2004

An exhibition of Denis Murrell’s painting is being held at the Millennium Gallery from 8-21 June,2004. Many nice photos were taken at the exhibition. Don’t hesitate and take a look here.

Rui Leão in SaloneSatellite

1st June, 2004

Architect Rui Leão, a member of CCI was selected to participate in the 7th SaloneSatellite, in Milan, a showcase for young designers, amongst the biggest furniture Salon worldwide. Rui presented plywood prototypes of 2 bookshelves/exhibitors and a reinterpretation of a chinese formal chair. The Salone del Mobile is held every year in the month of April, […]

New Display Rotation in CCI

23rd March, 2004

A new display rotation has been taken in the Center. Welcome to visit CCI and give us any comment.

Exhibition: Misleading Multimedia Installation / Discussions

17th — 18th January, 2004

An event organized by Alice Kok was held in the evenings of January 17 & 18, 2004 in Creative Macau. The theme of her installation is karaoke. Macau, being the hometown of Alice and having an undeniable historical background of her cultural diversity, becomes the setting of an experiment. Presentation and discussions were made about the misunderstandings as a […]

Fashion Show & Fashion Design Student Portfolio Exhibition in IPM

9th — 19th December, 2003

Two events about fashion design are organized by Macao Polytechnic Institute School of Arts. Young fashion designers show their creative ideas and sharp senses, and deep impressions are given to the spectators.   “Chinese Rock N Roll” Fashion Show Date: Friday, December 12th, 2003 Time: 17:30-19:00 Venue: School of Arts Macao Polytechnic Institute   Fashion […]

Creative Macau at 8th MIF in Macau Tower

23rd — 26th October, 2003

The event was held from October 23rd -26th, 2003 in Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre on the foyer of Level 3, 10 am to 7 pm. A lot of visitors to MIF came from different industrial and business sectors, both locally and internationally. Apart from the display of our participants’ works that include paintings, […]

Grand Opening Celebration of CCI

28th August, 2003

Thursday, August 28, 2003 was the date of the Grand Opening for the Center for Creative Industries (CCI). The celebration featured a day of ceremonies, performances, exhibition, food and fun. A large group of guests and artists were invited to come join the event. At 11 in the morning, under the leadership of the President, […]