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Interview: With Ho Ka Weng by Macao Daily

25th November, 2003 16:00

The graphic designer Ho Ka Weng was interviewed to show his comment on the development of local design. Ho says the number of local small to medium sized advertising and production companies can reflect the market demand. Somehow many large corporations still rely on some overseas advertising companies when dealing with big projects. Seeing this, the government should […]

Interview: With Rui Miguel Rebelo Leão by Macao Daily

15th November, 2003 16:00

The Macao Daily News is having a series of interviews with the Center

Creative Macau at 8th MIF in Macau Tower

23rd — 26th October, 2003

The event was held from October 23rd -26th, 2003 in Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre on the foyer of Level 3, 10 am to 7 pm. A lot of visitors to MIF came from different industrial and business sectors, both locally and internationally. Apart from the display of our participants’ works that include paintings, […]

50th Grand Prix Souvenir Exclusive Booth At Creative Macau

23rd October, 2003

A local fashion designer, Vanessa Cheah, was appointed the designer for the 50th Grand Prix Souvenir Collection. One retail outlet of her collection was located at Creative Macau from October 23 to mid November, 2003.

Interview: Shooting at Lio Man Cheong’s Studio

20th October, 2003

Channel IV from France was producing a movie about the transitional change in culture for the past few decades in Macau. Shooting was made in Lio’s studio. Through his oil paintings, people can understand more about the Macanese style of living and their culture.

Grand Opening Celebration of CCI

28th August, 2003

Thursday, August 28, 2003 was the date of the Grand Opening for the Center for Creative Industries (CCI). The celebration featured a day of ceremonies, performances, exhibition, food and fun. A large group of guests and artists were invited to come join the event. At 11 in the morning, under the leadership of the President, […]

Press Conference – Bryan’s EP & P2P Concert

26th August, 2003

Tuesday, August 26, 2003 – A press conference for a local singer, Bryan, was held at the Center. The event began at 5:30 p.m. at CCI, organized by Vocanimals Music. Hosted by Michael Fung and Lei Kin Kei, release of Bryan’s new EP and his forthcoming concert were announced to the press, with his new […]