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Meeting of Creative People

15th January, 2011

Creative Industries will become a pillar of the economy. Coordinated by the Committee of Cultural Industries, a meeting was held in our gallery, CRATIVE MACAU, on January 15, 2011. President of the Committee Mr. Leong Heng Teng, member of the Committee and President of IEEM Dr. José Luís de Sales Marques ,also a member of […]

Study visit: ANDONG NATIONAL UNIVERSITY – Graduate School of Creative Industries

13th January, 2011

It was a study trip from the ANDONG NATIONAL UNIVERSITY – Graduate Shool of Creative Industries. Apart from a number of students, there are the professors (PHD) Dong-Hwan Yoo and Hye-won Jang from the Department of Multiplex Contents and Miss Cindy Fong from Creative Links Ltd. The contact was established by Erik Kuong, managing director […]


3rd December, 2010

Center for Creative Industries (CCI) organized a one day trip on 3th December, 2010 to participate in the Business of Design Week (BODW) 2010 in HK. Members in product design fields attended.

A Study Trip to China – Shanghai EXPO 2010

12th October, 2010

CCI organized a study trip from 12 to 15 October to the World Expo Shanghai 2010, with the support from the Office for Preparation of Macau’s Participation in World Expo Shanghai 2010. Aiming to explore and understand the exposition of all countries, our members were invited to join. It was a privilege to visit pavilions from […]

Poetry in Dessert

13th May, 2010

Macao and Other Places

10th April, 2010

Blueprint 2010

9th April, 2010

Blueprint 2010 is a program of Creative Macau designed to be an international meeting point for creative associations, groups and individuals.  works as a network that enables the development of different and original ideas and their transmission to the public. Its goal is to be active and to dynamize the cultural life of Macau. is for anyone who has […]

blueprint seminar: CREATIVE EDUCATION

30th January, 2010

The seminar was formed by a series of different activities or moments where the participants could either experience some of the techniques explored in creative education, our voice their own experiences, knowledge and doubts on the subject. The first activity served the purpose of creating a common space, where the participants could meet and talk […]

Blueprint Seminar: WHAT IS VIDEO ARTS?

16th January, 2010

Under the BLUEPRINT2010 project, an open talk about Video Art and related practices, hosted by CCI-Creative Macau and mediated by José Drummond, held Saturday, January 16 from 4:00-7:00 p.m. at CCI-Creative Macau. It included 5 artists: Rui Calçada Bastos (Berlin), João Vasco (Hong Kong) and local artists Alice Kok and Pomona de Pedra and José […]