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10th April, 2010

Blueprint 2010

9th April, 2010

Blueprint 2010 is a program of Creative Macau designed to be an international meeting point for creative associations, groups and individuals.  works as a network that enables the development of different and original ideas and their transmission to the public. Its goal is to be active and to dynamize the cultural life of Macau. is for anyone who has […]

blueprint seminar: CREATIVE EDUCATION

30th January, 2010

The seminar was formed by a series of different activities or moments where the participants could either experience some of the techniques explored in creative education, our voice their own experiences, knowledge and doubts on the subject. The first activity served the purpose of creating a common space, where the participants could meet and talk […]

Blueprint Seminar: WHAT IS VIDEO ARTS?

16th January, 2010

Under the BLUEPRINT2010 project, an open talk about Video Art and related practices, hosted by CCI-Creative Macau and mediated by José Drummond, held Saturday, January 16 from 4:00-7:00 p.m. at CCI-Creative Macau. It included 5 artists: Rui Calçada Bastos (Berlin), João Vasco (Hong Kong) and local artists Alice Kok and Pomona de Pedra and José […]

EU- Macao Business Opportunity Seminar

24th October, 2009

The purpose of the seminar is to have European experts in Creative and Intellectual Property Industries share their experiences and insights with local players in related industries; explore business opportunities in Macao’s creative industries and strengthen co-operation between EU and Macao’s SMEs, designers and academic institutes in the creative industries. Moreover, local designers and representatives […]

Participation in the forum of Social Energy – Contemporary Communication Design from the Netherlands

7th August, 2009

Our Project Manager Lúcia Lemos participate the forum of the ‘Social Energy – Contemporary Communication Design from the Netherlands’ in Hong Kong. This exhibition is jointly presented by the Hong Kong Design Centre, curated by Wang Min, Li Degeng, Jiang Hua, and Luo Yi from OMD Beijing. The exhibition is proceeding with its touring activities […]


11th July, 2009

CREATIVE MACAU will appoint our Assistant Project Manager Mr. Jeff Lao to participate the seminars of the 4th CHINA INTERNATIONAL DESIGN & ART FAIR in BEIJING from 11th to 13th July 2009 and to seek for the possible co-operation opportunities in the future. The “China International Design & Art Fair” is initiated by Tsingha University, […]

Participation in ‘This in my city 09’ from 3rd to 5th July in Albergue

4th July, 2009

Sara Silva, participant in INOV-Art programme who works in CCI in an internship, arrived in Macau three weeks ago and the first impression, in the perspective of a visitor, made her compare it with numerous others cities viewed from the heights: so powerful but indeed so different in its forms, colors and shapes. From this […]