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SCORPIO is the title, of both electronic music and visual arts. It was created by Loi Wang in 2010. Loi Wang is based in Macau, China and has made electronic music since 2007, released on his own label SCORPIO.

Loi Wang is the Macau electronic singer-songwriter and visual arts creator. He started to learn painting since childhood, and to his artistic creation, he has been deeply influenced by Avant-Garde. Loi Wang began to contact with the alternative music since middle school, and he was deeply attracted by the electronic music. Then in college, he began to make electronic music in his simple way: one computer, a microphone, and thus he had created two electronic music albums “Bony Flower” and “Plague”, but the two works were only spread in the internet and his university, which did not formally released. Until 2010, he formally released the “Paradox” album in the title of “SCORPIO” externally, which is a collection of electronic music, experimental video and the poems. This album took him one year to accomplish, he was the singer, composer, lyricist and arranger, and from keyboard playing, recording, mixing, packaging art designing to MV filming, that is all finished by him single-handedly.

He always caricatures himself that he lacks professional musical knowledge, but he has his own perspectives in music. He considers his music as “guinea pigs” and he hopes that it could be unique, and he doesn’t want people to compare him with any artist, so he has been creating music with the experimental spirit. His music style sometimes with the cold atmosphere of the Gothic, but sometimes permeated with the style of Orient. In the arrangement, he specializes in adding enormous beats, and one of his champions is the synthesizer improvisation. His lyrics mainly dealt with the Mental Illness, Dark Revelation, and even the problems of Sociology and Religious issues. He sings in English, occasionally in humming.

In Loi Wang’s personal website (, we can see his promotional photos feature him wearing fancy dress or puts on strange make-up and his some bizarre, abstract videos which are directed by him. He believes that music and images cannot be separated, some people can understand the ideas conveyed with the music only by watching the images, some people are just the opposite, so he always insist on showing “SCORPIO” in an imagination way.

The above mentioned “Paradox” album, we couldn’t find a conceivable harmonious atmosphere of Macau, no matter the cover design, video, and even the music style, which are entirely replaced by an intense rebellion and entangled. And if you have watched his music video, such as “Surf” and “Manic Depressive”, you can probably feel oppressive pressure beyond words by the shape of his music and his visual expression.