Visual Thinking – photography group exhibition

By António Duarte Mil-Homens ,   Hugo Teixeira ,   Lampo Leong ,   Li Li ,   Noah Ng Fong Chao ,   Ricardo Meireles

Event Date: 25th April — 19th May, 2018



“Painting and sculpture come from the inside out; photography comes from outside in.”
– Rudolf Arnheim


Some people may believe photography is not as dynamic as painting because photography is environment driven, as it attempts to grasp the essence of a subject or express the personality of a model. Here comes the theme – How is the psychology of art related to photography?


Six CREATIVE MACAU members, Antonio Mil-Homens, Hugo Teixeira, Lampo LeongLi Li, Noah Ng Fong Chao and Ricardo Meireles, created a series of photographic works enhanced with varies techniques and manipulation, visually conveying the answers to the said theme.