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Hugo Teixeira

Hugo grew up in the Luso-American community in San Jose, California. Before focusing on linguistics and education, he briefly studied in the BFA Photography program at San Jose State University, where he was first introduced to alternative photographic processes by Professor Brian Taylor. After graduating, Hugo studied documentary photography at Lisbon’s Escola Técnica de Imagem e Comunicação and later the 19th century wet plate collodion process with photographer and conservator Luís Pavão. Hugo has exhibited work in the United States and Portugal.

Hugo’s interest in Asia started with a train journey from Portugal to China in 2007, and ultimately led to his settling in Macau in 2010. Since then, Hugo has focused on his teaching career while continuing to create images in his home studio. Believing that photography has become banal in the digital era, he gravitates towards heritage-rich, labor-intensive processes that require the use of heavy view cameras and the extremely precise coating of paper, metal or glass with exotic, and sometimes toxic, chemical formulas. In deliberately selecting subjects to represent in this uncommon way, Hugo demonstrates his rejection of photographic objectivity. Ultimately, he uses the camera as a tool not for the capture of objective truth, but for the projection of values.


Involuntary Landscapes Photography Exhibition

4th February — 4th March, 2023

Involuntary Landscapes interprets artist Hugo Teixeira’s attempts to piece together a historical and cultural consciousness lost when his family emigrated from Portugal and settled in California in the 1970’s. The found photos of an anonymous family in pre-revolutionary Portugal recall the characters and settings of his own family’s stories and evoke recollections of the past. […]

Visual Thinking: Talk with the Artists

19th May, 2018 16:00

Photography exhibition Visual Thinking open until 19th May. And there will be a talk regarding the exhibition at 4pm on 19th May. Feel free to join!

Visual Thinking – photography group exhibition

25th April — 19th May, 2018

ABOUT THE EXHIBITION   “Painting and sculpture come from the inside out; photography comes from outside in.” – Rudolf Arnheim   Some people may believe photography is not as dynamic as painting because photography is environment driven, as it attempts to grasp the essence of a subject or express the personality of a model. Here […]

“Whatever You Make, Make It Yours” – 14th anniversary collective member exhibition

28th August — 23rd September, 2017

Individual works could express strong individuality and uniqueness. Through this collective exhibition, the artists will creative the masterpieces with various art forms. Such as photography, print making, oil painting, tile painting, etc. The idiosyncratic and distinct thoughts will be gathered. And those will bring us the extraordinary ideas and experiences. Demonstrating the local creative talents’ […]