Awaken and to be Continued… – painting and artistic installation

By Yaya Vai

Event Date: 9th March — 4th April, 2023

People wish that it is just a dream in what had happened in recent years. If it is time to wake up, are you ready? Would it be like the solar term of ‘Insects Waken’ that nature becomes alive again after the hibernation. However, if the environment has changed, what we need to do to prepare ourselves and move on.  What is your plan and hope for the future?

There have been lots of unknowns evoking me during these years, and life seems got stuck without a doorway.  Seems a lot of “Let go” to make myself moving onward.  Honestly, I am still in a stage between awakening and lying flat.  Therefore,this series of works is a self-dialogue. About “to be continued…”, I need to forget the past and move on. It may not be easy to change the bad habits, to give more concern to the environment and people around. But I know, the world keeps moving on even though I am lying flat.