Capsule Formation & Asymbiotic Seed Germination

By Chan Un Man ,   Eloi Scarva

Event Date: 14th January — 27th February, 2021

Seed Germination 1.2.3 Series – Chan Un Man

To start, I would like to talk about the material I used for my wood sculptures – Cedar Wood. I do not know where it came from, but I was told the wood was going to Japan for sculptures in a temple. It was very fortunate for me after being introduced by my teacher to have bought the wood for my future creation. Since the wood had a sacred mission, I decided to give life to it by sculpting them.

CHAN UN MAN earned Master of Arts in Sculpture from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2010. He is a member of the Board of Supervisors of Macau Sculpture Association and has been creating sculptures for more than 10 years. His works were exhibited in Macau and overseas.


Capsules – Eloi Scarva

In the modern architectural object, I enclose the situation of space-site in summary. After the collection of materials collected in different areas of the territory, I create CAPSULES that are closed inside a cement prison (polymer and steel) Macau in the form of metaphor-object of the current national situation. “Feeling we co-exist in this collective space, sheltered from a worldwide pandemic, rediscovering our home with different eyes from those who have no freedom – in an open cell on an absurd scale, we redefining our priorities, reflecting on our brotherhood and question the future”. 

ELOI SCARVA travelled extensively during his youth. Rose under artistic guidance of a photographer father and a journalist mother. Became an active artist in 2012. Works mainly with Street Photography, Sculpture and Audio Visual.
Always a self-motivated multi talented hard worker who has collaborated in several art initiatives in the past, including a theatre intervention group and a performance of audiovisual duo. Has exhibited annually around the world, including Brazil, Portugal and China. He was born in Macau, China.