CAPTURE THE LIGHT AND IMAGES – Contemporary Photography Collective exhibition

By Alan ieon ,   Alex Chao Io Chong ,   André Lui ,   Leo Fan ,   Lúcia Lemos ,   Stefan Nunes

Event Date: 15th April — 6th May, 2023

After “Modern Photography” became History in the late 1960s, a new Era of the photographic image emerged and is called “Contemporary Photography” being described as the photography of our everyday real life.

CAPTURE THE LIGHT AND IMAGES is an exhibition of contemporary photography by 6 invited member artists who bring us many stories that intersect various languages that emerge from common temporal spaces in compositions of light and shadow, associated with existing physical spaces or abstractions of the imaginary.

From social issues or intimate moments and or portrait expressions, the images have infinite capacities to involve the photographer to communicate and transmit the singularities of society among others. And the way we see an image, it reflects our perception of individual stories. Undoubtedly, photography always documents real moments in time, but they are the photographer’s choices, and those choices will influence our reading, and later, diverge from the public’s definition. To read an image is to discern notions of identity, to document memories, practices, as well as moments of yesterday and present. Helen Bush in her the blog PHOTOPHILE says: “a phytophile is a person who loves photography and carry a camera on their shoulder wherever they go and post to photo-sharing websites all day.” Today, with the Smartphones within the social networks exponentially quickly the immediate sharing online the image once it has been photographed.

Observing the works on display allows us to distinguish the artist’s self-expression, style, and visual aesthetics, giving us enormous pleasure in contemplating the images and sceneries they offer to us.