Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries

“CITIES” B/W Photography group exhibition

By Maria do Carmo Correia ,   Ieong Man Pan ,   Marina Paula Duarte De Carvalho ,   Tang Kuok Hou ,   Wilson Jorge Caldeira

Event Date: 23rd July — 20th August, 2015

Five of our members: Carmo Correira, Ieong Man Pan, Marina Carvalho, Tang Kuok Ho, Wilson Caldeira, are exhibiting a series of photographs on 23 of July that certainly will give to the public a very personal point of view of what they feel when they explore cities by walking.

CITIES are no doubt an urban place, but some of the images of these cities are so abstracts that neither the topic nor the backgound identifies the city, only the “happenings” that could be captured anywhere. On the other hands, other images are captured with its cultural identity that are authentic icons of the Worldwide history.

Creative Macau invited those photographers member to show the “CITIES” environment that touched them and motivated to bring to the public now.