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From Heaven to Earth: East-West Rituals — HAND PAINTED PORCEL

Event Date: 22nd January — 7th February, 2015

Here we are in the domain of Tea and Coffee … and the porcelain objects intimately associated with these rituals of both worlds, East and West, are certainly so linked to people’s lives!

Drinking tea and coffee, ordinary people spend these moments to socialize, interacting with relatives, friends and colleagues.
Tea and coffee are symbols of pause and serenity, as well as adrenaline and pressure and tension, all of them ingredients of our life style, in our jobs, at home or out to pleasure and entertainment.

With this exhibition of her works painted on porcelain – coffee cups, saucers and teapots – Arlinda Frota continues her career as an artist building bridges between two great areas of culture and civilization, East and West.
Choosing these pieces and decorating them with birds, butterflies and flowers, the artist had in mind references to coffee (West) and tea (East) but at the same time driving people’s attention to symbolic references of heaven and multicolored butterflies, different birds and wonderful feathered phoenix, flowers of any hidden garden, as expressions of dream and liberation.

Arlinda Frota started her artistic career fifteen years ago in Macau where she presented already her paintings both in solo and collective exhibitions.
She evolved throughout Asia, Africa and Europe, organizing exhibitions in different countries such as Korea and Angola, Indonesia, Switzerland and Portugal as well.