Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries

‘Macau Illusions’ by Armelle

By Armelle de L.

Event Date: 21st June — 10th July, 2012

This photography exhibition accompanies Armelle’s third book’s publication, exclusively consecrated to Macao, like the previous ones.

For this Parisian, humour always prevails in her approach to our city and unexpected encounters that often give our streets their charm.

This time, she devotes herself to imaginary visions destined to make us smile… perhaps even make us doubt reality: are there really crocodiles in Taipa? And is St. Paul’s Cathedral, restored by crazy architects, really located by the canals of Venice?

We enter into the jocular and jokey mysteries of a world that has been recreated with the most elaborate techniques of computer science, namely of course Photoshop’s tricks of the trade.

A new form of expression through the image that is presently developing throughout the world: an exciting artistic adventure!