Creative Macau

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Overseas exhibition – Dynamic Macao Business & Trade Fair, Henan

Event Date: 16th — 18th April, 2010

“Dynamic Macao Business & Trade Fair, Henan” was held in Zhengzhou from 16th to 18th of April 2010 of which was organized by the Dynamic Macao Promotion Week Organizing Committee and funded by the Macau Government. With an aim in assisting the local enterprises to explore the Mainland China markets, Dynamic Macao Business & Trade Fair combined the elements including exhibition, sales, business matching and promotional activity. It was held successfully in Shanghai, Chongqing and Beijing in the year of 2009. And this was the forth stop under the Brand of Dynamic Macao already. CREATIVE MACAU, being a well known local creative organization, was invited to participate this fair by the organizing committee. We were very impressed by the enormous flow of visitors. Visitors seemed to have great interest in Macau. Our booth was surrounded by people. Many people were attracted by our promotional leaflets. And there were some companies in the fields of Architecture, Publishing, Lighting, Interior Design and Hotels expressed that they would like to know more about us and look for further cooperation with our members if possible.

Though it is not possible for CREATIVE MACAU to guarantee how many useful connections our members could link up with in such fairs, we still believe that the fairs, exhibitions or activities of which we participate or organize would definite help our members to earn themselves some business opportunities if they are willing to take it.