By Alice Ieong ,   Jovinia Antonio ,   Leong Leng ,   Luna Cheong ,   Silvia Mendes Sales ,   Yaya Vai

Event Date: 25th April — 25th May, 2019

By the theme of RISK IS GOOD, we invited 6 woman members’ artists to take inspiration and create few paintings as a body of work and what represent for they the idea of Risk is Good.


Thinking the risk is good when we have loving and supportive people in our life, we end up being able to take risks. Thus, concluding without risk, there is no true connection, no true emotion, no two bodies being brought together by fate and faith chance and choice. Without risk, there is nothing real. Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity, because if you are passionate about something, then you are more willing to take risks.


The collective exhibition Risk is Good, share with the public paintings on different surfaces where artists applied different technics to achieve good results. The way of women see the world and feel emotions are certainly different from their male peers.