Seeing The Light In Black And White – Photography Exhibition

By Francisco Ricarte ,   Ieong Man Pan ,   Jason Lei ,   João Miguel Barros ,   Rusty Fox (Wong Wang Lap) ,   Tang Kuok Hou

Event Date: 13th January — 19th February, 2022

In the course of the history of photography, among photographers who make it as art, there have been opposing ideas about texts to explain the images. It is said that a good photograph needs no explanation. If photography is art and art is sufficient, the image itself must be independent, transmitting everything through the image without describing it in text.

In the beginning, photography was considered a way to represent reality objectively, in its pure state, without being touched up. Those images, beautiful or not, tells the truth through the look of that “moment”. Later, in the darkroom, it was to improve the film, usually repairing scratches or other flaws in the film. However, today, there is no photograph (image) that is not “adjusted” to obtain the result that is closer to what is desirable. Assuming that manipulation is a recurring practice and so habitual, that by eliminating the undesirable nature of the captured image, the soul of that “moment” is extinguished. Increasingly, photographic printing is become technological. The printers use technology as a quick book production process, accepting only digital or digitized images of the analog film. The tone is corrected according to the author’s taste and demanding to the nature of the paper as “compression effects”.

Where’s the truth of the nature of the images? Is there a truth? How many are there?

Here are 6 photographers who gave us the answers and to the public’s delight, present the art of photography in their own style. They created something new and original, by manipulating the nature of the image or not, altered, to “show the truth”.