Sentimental Attachment – Drawings & Illustrations

By Aya Lei ,   Heidi Ng ,   Lan Chiang ,   Lo Yuen Yi ,   Madalena Fonseca ,   ioklin Ng

Event Date: 4th March — 10th April, 2021

Drawing and Illustration are two distinct visual expressions that underline the authors’ identity and their imaginative universes. Sometimes, they represent a perfect symbiosis and have a Sentimental Attachment in common in the creation process.

Drawing is in essence the artistic self-expression of what is “seen”. It represents ideas through lines and sketches, in a concrete or abstract way, objects, shapes, everyday scenes, domestic and nature. Illustration explains the existing text by synthesizing it visually – whoever “looks” at the image, pictures the story. She rarely exists without text. It aims to illustrate books, newspapers, magazines or any other mass communication platform.

The challenge was given to the six participating artists, to bring to the Sentimental Attachment exhibition their experience in drawings and illustrations, as inspired by the topic and accomplished familiarity in both areas. Here are the admirable works of the artists announced. Congratulations to them for sharing their work with us.