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Aya Lei

Aya Lei, known as a Macau comic artist and illustrator since 2013, who has published 5 copies of her own book Ever Eternal (2013) , Grillia’s Cage (2014) , A book of DREAMs(2015) , EverGreen (2018) and A Song of Roaring Lion (2019). Aya is active in the art scenes in Macau, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China and participating in the Anno Street Art event at 2016.


0 ZERO and SINE DIE – 19th anniversary members collective exhibition

27th August — 24th September, 2022

The Grand Opening of the Center for Creative Industries – CREATIVE MACAU took place 19 years ago, on an auspicious Thursday, on August 28, 2003. Today, we celebrate its 19th anniversary, and we continue to work on our mission. This space hosted an eclectic exhibition with works by members, enrolled in a range of creative […]

Sentimental Attachment – Drawings & Illustrations

4th March — 10th April, 2021

Drawing and Illustration are two distinct visual expressions that underline the authors’ identity and their imaginative universes. Sometimes, they represent a perfect symbiosis and have a Sentimental Attachment in common in the creation process. Drawing is in essence the artistic self-expression of what is “seen”. It represents ideas through lines and sketches, in a concrete […]