Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries

“Symbols In Cultures” 11th anniversary group exhibition

By Fernando Simões ,   Armelle de L. ,   Cristina Vinhas ,   Crystal Chan Wai Man ,   Francisco Ricarte ,   GANTZ5 ,   Gigi Lee Yee Kee ,   Grace Yeu Chiu Yee ,   Justin Chiang Chin Pang ,   Lúcia Lemos ,   m.chow ,   Madalena Fonseca ,   mavin zin ,   Mel Cheong ,   Papa Osmubal ,   Pedro Madeira Pinto ,   Wilson Jorge Caldeira

Event Date: 28th August — 13th September, 2014
Opening:28th August (Thursday), 18:30


Everywhere we look in societies are forms of symbolic representation, which identify and illustrate different culture, philosophy, and lifestyle. Thinking that symbols in society are unconscious forms of communication in the way of social, ideological, political concepts and many others, they are important and integral elements in understanding a culture and a guide of any community. Creative Macau had invited members to create meaningful works that represent one’s own culture or other culture they are familiar with The works will be tangible and intangible symbol that reflects social culture.


Participating artists: armelle, cristina vinhas, crystal chan, fernando simões, francisco ricarte, gantz5, gigi lee, grace yeu, justin chiang, lúcia lemos, m.chow, madalena fonseca, mel cheong, papa osmubal, pedro m. pinto, sonia viseu, wilson j. caldeira.