The Macau Dream is Well and Alive – Conceptual Art

By Angela Hoi Ka Ian ,   Jovinia Antonio

Event Date: 2nd — 27th April, 2024

The exhibition’s theme, The Macau Dream is Alive and Well, is based on recent events and challenges the invited artists to artistically express their feelings about the times of confinement and isolation. The exhibition’s concept allows for a wide range of possibilities for the artists to express their ideas. It can evoke subjective reflections or have a neutral effect on the viewer.

During the pandemic, the residents of Macau had to adapt to new habits and learned to live in isolation. The three years spent on the internet and virtual connections helped ease the growing psychological tension and despair. While everything came to a halt during the pandemic, the number of internet users increased exponentially. People turned to the internet for work and creativity.

As Macau moves towards globalization, how do the two artists view the city’s present and future post-pandemic through conceptual art? Both artists approached the theme differently and used various materials to create non-traditional forms that reflect their everyday lives.

Angela Hoi Ka Ian – That day I rolled a boulder up a mountain

“That Day I rolled a boulder Up a Mountain” tells a never-ending story of life.

In the Greek myth of Sisyphus, Sisyphus was punished by the gods for making a mistake by pushing a boulder up a steep hill. However, whenever he approached the top of the mountain, the boulder would roll back, forcing him to start again. This endless, futile task became his eternal punishment.

The artist reflects on the recurring events in life: creation and demolition, destruction and repair. The artist uses the allegorical approach as the main axis, and uses a series of works such as paintings, videos, and installations to discover the ensemble portraits of Sisyphus in life. From breaking away from life and reflect it into personal life experience:  What is the meaning of individual’s life in the self-balance of the universe?

Jovinia Antonio – Tough Comforts

When faced with adversity, would you sink into your comfort space or cross through the thorny landscape? Amidst tough challenges and the rise of unseen enemies, it is only human nature to lean into safe spaces, though how far would this comfort zone back us up?