Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries

“Transient” painting exhibition

By Sofia Arez

Event Date: 23rd June — 23rd July, 2016

We may easily associate light decline with melancholy but it may make sense to look at it as an opportunity to recognise the value of dusk, the blooming and singing of the dark, in an increasingly illuminated world. We need the world of shadows, those things that cannot be easily explained, that we suspect or imagine, but we don’t know and all those other areas of our lives that are defined by gradations of uncertainty. The ambiguity of the transient has a special place in human thinking and perception. These paintings obscure categories of foreground and background, object and context, and evoke a free sense of natural length. The result is an assemblage of atmospheres arising from rhythm, materiality, light and color, rather than singular form.

Sofia Arez‘s art is driven by her interests in nature, perception, and asceticism. Her work is a constant dialogue, it progresses as a “conversation” between the maker and the spontaneous ideas suggested by the work itself, and the unexpected happens in the creative process. Art, for her, is a crucial means for thinking and doing. Arez’s diverse works – in sculpture, drawing, painting, photography, video, and installations – have been exhibited in Europe and Asia. Not limited to the confines of the museum and gallery, her practice engages the society through educational activities and interventions in public space. Sofia Arez was born in Lisbon in 1972 and holds a master in painting by the University of Lisbon. She now lives and works in Macau.