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UNKNOWN – a miracle vision

By Américo das Neves

Event Date: 8th — 30th April, 2009

“UNKNOWN – A miracle vision” by Américo das Neves, is a series of creative characters in digital illustration printed on canvas of which he has begun to work on it since the receipt of our invitation last year.

Given that Américo grew up in the 80s to 90s, Japanese comic and animation industry was blooming in that period and widely spread out to the rest of the world from the East Asia. It is believed that the growth of this industry made a big impact on him. Being fascinated with manga characters, CG artworks and probably being inspired by the works of Takashi Murakami, Américo therefore is very fond of designing cartoon pictorial icons. In addition, Américo studied Visual Communication in United Kingdom where he received fully supports and training to be a creative person. In this connection, he started to develop and design art characters of course in his own style. After several years of trial and error, his style is recognized as one of the best designs in region.