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Américo das Neves

Américo das Neves is a Macanese designer born, raise and work in Macao. In his late teen years and early 20’s, he decided to take some adventure in United Kingdom where he obtained the honours degree in Visual Communication at Kent Institute of Art and Design and where he gained his first professional experience at the country of the Three Lions.During his free time, he applied for different kind of art and design competitions available online or in local media. Taking part in those competitions can let him experiment new things, explore crazy ideas and also pushing himself to work harder.His greatest achievements so far include a toy design competition organized by Coca-Cola and Play Imaginative from Singapore where his design was one of the 15 best designs chosen to be produced into real toy; in 2007 Macao Annual Art Exhibition, his artwork awarded as 10 best entry of the year and let him join forces for an art exhibition held in Beijing with other well-known Macao artists in 2008.Besides of that, he was also awarded by Perspective magazine of Hong Kong as one of the “40 under 40″ (40 creative people under the age of 40 years old) artist/designer in the field of Graphic Design in 2008 and finally the most recent design award Américo received was 1st runner-up in a mascot design contest organized by Social Welfare Bureau of MSAR Government also in 2008.The list of his awards and achievements are growing continuously, because he keeps himself busy and last year we (Creative Macau) invited him for a solo exhibition in here and he accepted this challenge immediately.”UNKNOWN – A miracle vision” by Américo das Neves is his first solo exhibition and is a series of creative characters in digital illustration printed on canvas of which he has begun to work since last year in 2008.


MEET THE ARTIST – Americo Das Neves

18th April, 2009

Américo Das Neves designed over 60 characters for his first exhibition “UNKNOWN – A Miracle Vision”. The characters were all 100% designed in Macau and he told us that the total amount he designed was about hundred and only chose the best ones to be shown.

UNKNOWN – a miracle vision

8th — 30th April, 2009

“UNKNOWN – A miracle vision” by Américo das Neves, is a series of creative characters in digital illustration printed on canvas of which he has begun to work on it since the receipt of our invitation last year. Given that Américo grew up in the 80s to 90s, Japanese comic and animation industry was blooming […]

It’s a head scratch, isn’t it?

26th March — 9th April, 2008