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Vocanimals Life Acoustic Movement

By Vocanimals Music

Event Date: 10th April, 2005

Discuss the relationship between music and life through performance and interactive games. Speakers will share their experience in the influence of music on our present lives and inspirations of music and lyrics.


Vocanimals Life & Real-Us
Grouped by local musicians and singers who are active participants in the Macau pop music field.

Vocanimals Life: Bryan (Singer), Filipe (Singer), Tony (Composer), Axel (Pianist), Michael (Musician) Featuring: Alan (Drummer), Ah Man (Guitarist).

Real-Us: Ah Sin (Guitarist), Carol (Vocalist). Featuring: KK (Arranger), Ah Kao (Guitarist).

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“I’m glad to learn the music theory in that cheerful admosphere.”

“My emotion is enlightened after listening their music!”