Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries


By Pak Keong Sequeira

Event Date: 26th February — 13th March, 2010

“Hey! What is your job?” asked by many people during these 2 years. Actually, I do not have a proper career. I am fond of photography, design, music and painting. I am a man of imagination. I would like to express my emotions, rationality, irrationality in nature, irrestricted and comfortable ways! But I feel that I am getting a bit stuck in recent. Where are my inspirations gone?

Sometimes I feel regrets that the power of internet shortens the distances between individuals day by day. It seems that there is no gap between each other anymore. People are getting much more alike. People are used to leave their lives on blogs for discussion. While the distances between people are getting shorten, our private spaces are shrunken too. Somehow I have a doubt about this technology. Might the convenience brought by this technology also bring us a too realistic world. I could still remember that I would always use my imagination to think of a new thing when I was a kid. But now, whenever we notice that there is a new thing coming up, we would get online looking for it immediately. It finally turns to be nothing worth for expectation as result of this practice. Perhaps it could ensure the development of our world in rapid, in globalization. But I am still missing the past silly days in imagination.

There are too many styles, too many colours, too many voices, too many tastes and facts in our reality world, but too less imaginations, privacies and private spaces. In fact, Life should be a piece of white paper where we could paint our own graffiti as well as a platform where we could play any role we want!

This time I throw many of my emotions on papers! Please treasure the remaining time you got left and release yourself! And pick up a pencil and grab yourself a piece of white paper for this!

Fortes Pakeong Sequeira