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Creative Writing

15th November, 2005

Learn to make your own Macau stories. Share your ideas and listen to others’. These workshops allow students, teachers and other interested people the opportunity to participate in creative workshops with Macau story writers.   Dr Christopher (Kit) Kelen has been teaching at the University of Macau since 2000. Kelen has written many stories, poems and […]

Image Meets Object

13th August, 2005

Image Meets Object: Ceramic Decals & Late Summer Flowers on the Potters Wheel Students can have a chance to explore the creation of simple and/ or complex image building as they might relate to the forms that workshop participants bring. Know what is happening in the modern world ceramics of today.   Tony Marsh Tony was […]


25th July, 2005

Magic for Beginners Targeted at beginner students who are new to magic or those returning to magic after a long absence, this introductory class will kindle your imagination, help you develop your potential and discover the hidden magic within you.   Intermediate Magic For all amateur and beginner magicians who are seriously interested in magic. […]

Photograph Portfolio

24th June, 2005

In this open workshop you will be given the opportunity to follow your own project, which will help you to develop a personal style and confidence with technique. They will photograph one another or friends and models with studio flash and outdoors with available light. Topics include introduction of different films and camera formats, outdoor […]

Vocanimals Life Acoustic Movement

10th April, 2005

Discuss the relationship between music and life through performance and interactive games. Speakers will share their experience in the influence of music on our present lives and inspirations of music and lyrics.   Vocanimals Life & Real-Us Grouped by local musicians and singers who are active participants in the Macau pop music field. Vocanimals Life: […]

What is Contemporary Art?

6th April, 2005

Aims: – Provide an overview of the practical elements involved in today’s making of Contemporary Arts. Participants will access a vast array of information about the media, techniques, styles, genres, contemporary issues, and cultural contexts of the art produced in various periods of the last century and its development to our days. – Explore the […]

Decorative Lighting

12th — 20th March, 2005

The workshop focused on decorative lighting in the field of interior design, exploring the various possibilities and simple constructions of decorative lighting. The course was taught by David Taylor, a metal artist and product designer from Scotland who exhibited regularly in Europe and North America. The workshop consisted of six sessions held from March 12 to […]


10th March, 2005

Wire in all its forms is an excellent material for creating both jewelry and smaller functional objects. With simple tools and techniques works of extreme complexity and beauty can be made. This course is aimed at those who have their own ideas and have a desire to create them. Working in an informal atmosphere with […]

Drawing on Ceramics

17th January, 2005

This class will combine wheel throwing, hand-built and drawing technique together. This is a class mainly for beginner who knows nothing about ceramics or drawing. Student will learn basic drawing skill and use the technique to apply on ceramic surface.   Simon Ho Simon Ho is a Macao-born ceramic artist. He obtained a BFA at […]

Inside Press and Photojournalism

6th — 28th November, 2004

Aims: This course aims to provide a shooting idea and it might work for a press story. They will be shooting an idea that they think it might work for a press story. The workshop is designed for advanced amateurs and beginning professional photographers. Date: Nov 6, 13, 20,27 (Saturdays) & 28 (Sunday), 2004. 15:30-18:30 […]