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“Building A Hollywood Script” workshop by Thomas Lim

14th — 25th September, 2015

Course introduction: “Building A Hollywood Script” is an intermediate screenwriting course conducted by Los Angeles based director-screenwriter Thomas Lim. The purpose of the course is to learn about film screenplay structure, analyze dramatic strategies in film writing, learn and apply correct script form, and creatively engage in the various stages of original scriptwriting. The assignments […]

Chinese Picture Mounting

8th April — 24th June, 2014

blueprint WORKSHOP: Almost There

24th — 31st July, 2010

Almost There: An introduction to 3d modeling and compositing by Benjamin Hodges   This workshop serves as an introduction to 3d modeling for artists and amateur enthusiasts. No prior 3d experience is necessary. What is required is an interest in the potential of compositing virtual objects into photographic and video content. The techniques and technologies […]

BEYOND INSPIRATION jewellery design workshop

18th — 30th November, 2009

Tutor Personal Website:   The aim of this course is to help the student develop and better understanding of the creative process from the perspective of a jewellery maker. No previous skills are required. Inspiration is not a reliable part of the working process of a creative professional. Creativity has to be carefully harnessed […]

INDUSTRY LOVES SIMPLICITY lighting design workshop

17th — 27th November, 2009

Today like never before the possibilities offered by modern industry are becoming increasing accessible to small-scale sectors in the design field. In the creative workshop “Industry Loves Simplicity” we will explore ways to use sheet metal in conjunction with laser cutting to create functional metal objects based on simple folding techniques. The aim of the […]

Furniture design workshop constrAction

17th January — 14th March, 2009

The aim of this workshop is to promote original and contemporary design approaches in dialogue with the local context, by using Macau’s urban culture daily life objects and the constrAction system materials and techniques as a starting point. Each participant will develop the necessary tools and knowledge to transform an existing object into an original […]

Furniture design workshop constrAction

16th February, 2008

For letting people have a piece of furniture DESIGNED and BUILT by their own, CREATIVE MACAU presented a furniture design workshop.

Artistic Batik Workshop by NOOR VEIGA

26th — 30th April, 2007

Batik is a traditional technique used to dye on cloth which uses wax as a media. Participants could create their own piece of clothing or painting by experimenting batik with traditional materials brought from Indonesia.

Sound Design and Music Production

6th October, 2006

Workshop Purpose The Purpose of this presentation can be divided into three main approaches: 1). To demonstrate, and teach three powerful software tools for music composition and sound design: Propellerheads Reason Ableton Live Cakewalk 2). To Introduce the fundamental musical and technological concepts involved in using the software, while showing that little or no formal […]

ART TODAY- 21st Century

22nd May — 29th June, 2006