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Eduardo Magalhāes

Born in Portugal, Lisbon 1979. Macanese roots and Eurasian Culture. Lived in Europe and Asia.

Works in two areas: production of multimedia applications (internet, Ethernet and cd-rom) and as a professional licensed photojournalist. Presently, a freelancer for two of the largest Portuguese news group Edimpresa and Cofina (social events, sports, political and business magazines but also studio photos for multimedia magazines). Collaborates with some press agencies such as, Also good knowledge of lighting systems, studio lab works. Is enlisted as freelancer photographer for Mtv Portugal, Sony BMG music Portugal. Was part of the staff of Livros do Oriente, publishers, also as photojournalist of MacaU magazine in late 90’s until end in 2004. Widespread Photo work published in books and magazines. Produced a CD-rom of MacaU magazine in 2002.


“Macau of my Own” photography exhibition

17th September — 7th October, 2014

The widespread use of photography plus the predominance of digital image capture nowadays, has transferred image post-production and editing, from old labs and photo-studio to the camera itself. A photographer only has to do the previous setting – or leave it to the camera, which takes completely hold of the process, choice and taste, dispensing […]

“Make A Wish” 10th Anniversary Group Exhibition

28th August, 2013

MAKE A WISH is the theme of our 10th anniversary exhibition proposed to all Creative Macau members. Twenty six members across the twelve different creative fields of advertising, architecture, craft, design, designer fashion, film and video, interactive leisure software, music, performing arts, publishing, software and computer development, and visual arts were interested and are displaying […]