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Wang Tou Kun

Macau emerging photographer born in 1996. His works are mainly mixed media photography, digital creative photography, documentary photography, landscape photography and Anaglyph (red and blue) 3D photography. His style is bold and creative, always seeking new possibilities and perspectives. Finish his BFA in Digital Media and Photography at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

He has worked as a teaching assistant at the New York International Photography Center in the United States, hold personal photography lecture at BCPA in Boston and has held personal photography exhibitions in Macau, Guangzhou, and Zhuhai. His works such as “Plastic Women” have been selected for exhibitions in the United States, Shenzhen, and Macau. The work “3D Macau” was exhibited at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Boston Creative Mixer and published in the magazine “Macau Speaking” in Macau.