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Alex Chao Io Chong

Born in Macau, Bachelor of Visual Arts Education from Macau Polytechnic Institute.

Alex Chao is an artist who is full of fanaticism and has a strong perseverance in art. He has studied photography since his early years and has been engaged in professional photography, visual art education and various types of artistic creation for more than 30 years. He once worked at the famous Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Macau. He is an experienced Professional photographer in commercial photography and has been the director of the photography studio for many years at the Macao Polytechnic Institute of Art. With his rich practical experience include teaching and research, he has also served as a photography course instructor for different institutions.


Unique Vision – Creativity and Aesthetics of Photography

16th March, 2024 15:00

The artist will share the processes, methods, and creativity behind his artworks. This talk will be conducted in Cantonese Free Admission

Unique Vision – Photography Exhibition

24th February — 23rd March, 2024

Take it with form and give it soul “Be a hunter in life, capture what you encounter in life at any time and anywhere, match it with your own thoughts, take it as it comes, give it a soul, turn it into a work of flesh and blood and thoughtfulness, and put it in the […]

CAPTURE THE LIGHT AND IMAGES – Contemporary Photography Collective exhibition

15th April — 6th May, 2023

After “Modern Photography” became History in the late 1960s, a new Era of the photographic image emerged and is called “Contemporary Photography” being described as the photography of our everyday real life. CAPTURE THE LIGHT AND IMAGES is an exhibition of contemporary photography by 6 invited member artists who bring us many stories that intersect […]