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Alice Kok Tim Hei

A ground.

On which stands a position. Blur it might seem, the border. State of being student / professional.

Lifting off the immensity of History, what we are left of is exactly what Life can ever offer; the process of growing up. In order to be able to stand, on our own.

Art centers being dispatched all over the world, in every corner, artists carrying their specific cultural background are working individually on the theme of creation.

Nevertheless, the state of “working individually” is above all a transitory phase.

Artistic creation is of no doubt an internal and personal experience, but just as no man has ever been an island, I wonder; what kind of voices we can possibly reflect and receive from our society?

But we know. If questions are to be asked, the one that really matters will be simply: HOW?

Alice Kok, born in Macau. Studying at the Ecole Supérieur des Beaux-Art de Toulouse, France. 5th year study of Fine Arts.


Family Script

23rd January — 13th February, 2008

Exhibition: Misleading Multimedia Installation / Discussions

17th — 18th January, 2004

An event organized by Alice Kok was held in the evenings of January 17 & 18, 2004 in Creative Macau. The theme of her installation is karaoke. Macau, being the hometown of Alice and having an undeniable historical background of her cultural diversity, becomes the setting of an experiment. Presentation and discussions were made about the misunderstandings as a […]