Creative Macau

Center for Creative Industries

Designer Fashion Exhibition, Extravagances

By Clara Brito ,   Loly Lo Lai Fong ,   m.chow ,   Margarida Marcelino ,   Venessa S. L. Cheah ,   Wanda Sousa

Event Date: 28th February — 16th March, 2009

EXTRAVAGANCES is a group exhibition in DESIGNER FASHION. We believe that our local fashion designers are well-equipped and their designs are with personality and style. Besides, according to the special local business environment of the fashion design industry, our local fashion designers have a lot of opportunities to take up the orders for making some peripheral products for the shows, restaurants and drama performance etc. Thus, this exhibition would definitely fresh your mind. Eleven fashion designers in participation of this group exhibition are hereby listed by name:-

Cheong Si Wai, Clara Brito, Fanny Law, Kitty Ng Seong Im, Loly Lo Lai Fong, Margarida Marcelino, Menn Chow Man San, Stella Tang In Fan, Sherry Yeung Kin Lai, Wanda Sousa and Venessa S. L. Cheah.

With the presence of our eleven fashion designers, we are pleased to share their outstanding designs with you at the opening of the said exhibition at 17:00 28th February 2009 in Creative Macau. In addition, a small live cat walk show were performed in this particular event.