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Loly Lo Lai Fong

Loly, born in Macau, has been acting in the field of fashion design for more than twenty years in pattern design, cutting and sewing. She is fully experienced in fashion design, and she achieved her personal name fashion “LOLY Fashion” as a brand line with her store, Loly Fashion, mainly for the sale of ladies fashion and evening dress design.

Her vision is to expand the market of her personal design fashion out of Macau, and to express the special design in Macau to the world.


Designer Fashion Exhibition, Extravagances

28th February — 16th March, 2009

EXTRAVAGANCES is a group exhibition in DESIGNER FASHION. We believe that our local fashion designers are well-equipped and their designs are with personality and style. Besides, according to the special local business environment of the fashion design industry, our local fashion designers have a lot of opportunities to take up the orders for making some […]