Wings of May – artistic works with paper

By Bing Cheong ,   Elisa Vilaça

Event Date: 12th May — 11th June, 2022

CREATIVE MACAU invited Bing Cheong and Elisa Vilaça – two local artists who have made their creative journey creating works with recyclable materials.

This exhibition of creative works with paper, aims to offer to the public, tangible and intangible of poetic views, to see and feel the invited artists’ worlds, and to give new life to the space and surprise the poetic views of visitors’ imaginations.

Bing Cheong is familiar within the world of fashion design and Elisa Vilaça within the world of performing arts. Despite the participants having extensive professional experience in different creative areas, both used to turning their visionary ideas into a reality in scale and exaggeration to the show even though it is an ephemeral work.


The Beginning of an ExplorationBing Cheong

Exploring “how to improve self-expression” has always been a personal challenge. Simplifying things and making them clear and easy to understand is a lifelong endeavor.
Different things in life bring me into different situations and experiences. As long as I listen carefully, I will always hear my real needs, so that I can better connect myself, others, and different people and things around me.

In this exhibition, using “paper” as the medium to explore the inspiration that paper gives me and lead me to understand “what I need”.

Spring DreamsElisa Vilaça

Having a grandmother who pampered me with small toys, made from natural materials, is a wonderful memory for me. As a child, this contact with nature has undoubtedly marked my growth and maturation.
Since environmental preservation is a permanent concern for me today, the design of this exhibition is the best way to express it. In constructing these works, based precisely on what nature offers, I intend to explore in an organic, creative and visual impact, the multiple possibilities of combining paper, which is also originating from nature, with other natural materials. These were mostly collected in Macao during the two recent strong typhoons that ravaged the city.

The exploration of Spring Dreams allowed me to create beyond the reality and fulfill my dream.