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Interview: With Robert Lai by Macao Daily

9th February, 2004

Robert Lai, a fashion designer who has returned from Parisnot long ago, currently acts as the image consultant of Hong Kong artist Faye Wong. Robert says Europe provides an ideal environment in nourishing and supporting new designers, which is totally different from here in Asia. In Macau, consumers with high purchasing power rarely support the local creation. From his experience, Robert suggests that fashion […]

Interview: Mook Magazine Made a Visit to CCI

3rd February, 2004

The MOOK Magazine from Taiwan visited Creative Macau in the afternoon of February 3, 2004. There they had an interview with the Center together with one of our participants, the Fashion Designer Vanessa Cheah, regarding her VCSLlabel. At the Center, Vanessa showed the press her latest fashionable design clothing for both display and for sale.

Interview: With Loly by Macao Daily

20th January, 2004 16:00

Loly has been working in the Fashion Industry for over 28 years. Due to the small market of Macau, Loly says it is rather difficult to develop a local brand name which is “Made in Macau?”. Recently with the promotion of her page in Creative Macau

More about Our Participants

18th January, 2004

To know more about our participants – Anita Fung, Carlos Marreiros, Choi Su Weng, Donna Ho and William Lee Sio Fan, you are invited to visit Macau Arts website at

Exhibition: Misleading Multimedia Installation / Discussions

17th — 18th January, 2004

An event organized by Alice Kok was held in the evenings of January 17 & 18, 2004 in Creative Macau. The theme of her installation is karaoke. Macau, being the hometown of Alice and having an undeniable historical background of her cultural diversity, becomes the setting of an experiment. Presentation and discussions were made about the misunderstandings as a […]

Interview: With Vincent Hoi K. M. by Macao Daily

13th December, 2003 17:00

Vincent Hoi, the Production Director of Celestial Bird Productions, mainly focuses on the production of corporate promotional videos, MTV, TV commercials, as well as the rental of production equipment. Regarding the development of video production, Hoi says it is comparatively much more competitive in Hong Kong and pretty risky in the market of Mainland China. However, […]

Interview: With Efficient Productions by Macao Daily

10th December, 2003 17:00

James Jacinto from Efficient Productions is a producerand director of film and video productions. James feels the market in Macau is relatively small, although there exists only a few competitors around. Most of his clients belong to large corporations and government and rarely any small company or store. For the video productions, James hopes his clients can understand that certain extent of […]

Fashion Show & Fashion Design Student Portfolio Exhibition in IPM

9th — 19th December, 2003

Two events about fashion design are organized by Macao Polytechnic Institute School of Arts. Young fashion designers show their creative ideas and sharp senses, and deep impressions are given to the spectators.   “Chinese Rock N Roll” Fashion Show Date: Friday, December 12th, 2003 Time: 17:30-19:00 Venue: School of Arts Macao Polytechnic Institute   Fashion […]

Interview: With Choi Chan Fei and Joaquim Viseu by Macao Daily

30th November, 2003 16:00

Interviews were also made with a tee shirt designer, Choi Chan Fei and a product designer, Joaquim Viseu. Choi is a design student in Macao Polytechnic Institute. He feels it rather difficult to promote originality to local people when compared to tourists. Joaquim is currently studying product design in England and will return to the advertising field after graduation. He […]

Interview: With Ho Ka Weng by Macao Daily

25th November, 2003 16:00

The graphic designer Ho Ka Weng was interviewed to show his comment on the development of local design. Ho says the number of local small to medium sized advertising and production companies can reflect the market demand. Somehow many large corporations still rely on some overseas advertising companies when dealing with big projects. Seeing this, the government should […]