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Simon Ho

There is a way for things or energies in the universe to work or change. This way is inside the clay and myself. I use my inner self to communicate with the clay. I try to let the material speak. Daoism and nature is the major theme of my art works.

The method with which I apply Daoism in my ceramic works is twofold. First, I use the philosophy of Daoism to make my artwork and second, I use my artwork to express Daoism.


Drawing on Ceramics

17th January, 2005

This class will combine wheel throwing, hand-built and drawing technique together. This is a class mainly for beginner who knows nothing about ceramics or drawing. Student will learn basic drawing skill and use the technique to apply on ceramic surface.   Simon Ho Simon Ho is a Macao-born ceramic artist. He obtained a BFA at […]

Advanced Ceramics

4th October — 6th December, 2004

Our ceramics workshop allows you to design and create your own production works, which will be for sale in the local market. Students will use plaster mould technique to make mass production possible, which will make the end product affordable and with high artistic quality at the same time. Students will have projects of making […]

Creative Minds EXPLODE!

5th March, 2004

Links of our Instructors: SIMON HO ARDEN CHEN JUIN TAM WONG HO SANG DENIS MURRELL   * We accept application on a first-come-first-served basis. * In completion of the workshop, Creative Macau will award students certificates issued by IEEM (The Macau Institute of European Studies). * The CCI reserves the right to make any changes for the workshops without […]