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Maria Cristina Vinhas

Cristina Vinhas, was born in Vila do Conde a small city near Oporto. Made jewelry in CINDOR, Centro de Formação Profissional da Indústria de Ouriversaria e Relojoaria, during three years. She started to make there own pieces, and create collections to the company Lucente Jóias, being those collections presented in Portojóia fair.

Development of nature forms, visualization of images or movements or even materials, is what inspires her. To find a harmony and the equilibrium of forms, is what motivate her to create jewelry.


Open Future – Collective Exhibition

28th August — 22nd September, 2018

“Contemporary life is one that undergoes constant transformation, in the context of spaces, time or memory; we live with a heave, being hemmed in by each other and heaped praise on one another.” Creative Macau will be celebrating its 15th anniversary on 28 August 2018 with “OPEN FUTURE” – Collective Exhibition. Our creative members are […]

“Nature” – Jewellery

11th — 31st January, 2013

“Nature” is Cristina Vinhas’s first solo exhibition in Macau. Her biggest motivation is to create unique shapes. This collection was inspired from the texture and shapes of organic elements such as coral, ginseng root, pork organs, tree trunks, dried roots, seeds of the lotus flower, trees, birds; as well as existing objects with a different […]