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“Theatres Farmers” is a non- profit-making full time theatrical association, founded by several drama acting enthusiast – Connie Yuen, Wong Su Fai, Jacky Li, Hui Pui Fung, Chow Kit Shing in 2000. “Theatres Farmers” takes: to fully use the social function of theatre, to heighten the artistic quality of local people, to widen the range of audience of arts works and to build up local cultural characteristic as our duty. They Goal are To enhance the horizontal of Theatrical arts up to professional level.To produce high quality and inspiring dramas.To spread the arts of the theatre in different ways, in order to reach everyone’s hearts.To exert a gradual influence among youngers by cultivated in the cultural and arts education when they were still in Hing schools.To lay a foundation for Macau to become a Cultural City.

“Theatres Farmers” believes that Art is part of our lives, everyone should have their rights to enjoy and to take part in it. Up to present, we have given a few performances in public and produced itinerant plays, primary to the society and schools, in order to spread the seeds of arts widely, and to provide opportunities for students or citizens who are unfamiliar with arts, could enjoy the true, the good and the beautiful of it.