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Heidi Ng

Heidi Ng is one of the active young artists in Macao. She completed her foundation degree at the Cambridge School of visual and preforming Art college, and then her BA in theatre and performance design at The Liverpool institute for Preforming Art with the scholarship offered by ICM in 2018.  In the same year, she worked as a Major theater designer at the Slung Low Theatre Company in the UK.

She has been a participant in many major art exhibitions in Macau such as AFA Autumn Salon, Macao Art Salon, 1st Annual ART MO, Women Artists 1st International Biennial of Macau, Macao Annual Visual Arts Exhibition and Collective Exhibition of Macau Artists. Her works were also selected for the Liverpool Art Fair. Her works have been collected by collectors from the UK, Portugal and Macao.  In 2019, she was awarded the Honor Award of the Oriental Art Prize.