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Alan, Chang Wai Lap

Alan Chang Wai Lap serves as the Brand Director of Giorostan Leather Shoes in Macau. In 2008, he returned to Macau after completing his studies in Canada. Since the beginning of his career, he entered the luxury brands industry at a junior position, where he gained valuable experience and prepared himself for eventually establishing his own brand.

During that time, the leather shoe industry in Macau was experiencing significant growth, with a wide variety of shoes available in the market. It became evident that branding would be a crucial path to pursue. Recognizing this, Alan remarked, “While there are numerous categories of leather shoes in Macau, the market for high-end leather shoes with traditional craftsmanship remains largely untapped. This presents a potential opportunity in the near future.”

Alan’s early exposure to his father’s shoe store during his childhood greatly influenced him and nurtured his deep affection for leather shoes. In 2019, he returned to his family company and took over Giorostan, a shoe brand established by his parents in 1994. Previously known as San Diano Shoe Store, Giorostan had its origins in Macau.

With a focus on high-quality standards and handmade leather shoes, Alan endeavored to incorporate artistic elements and expand the brand’s strengths. He sought to integrate design, manufacturing, and brand operations, aiming to innovate traditional craftsmanship. To achieve this, collaborative partnerships were established with Macau designers.

The goal was to present leather shoes infused with unique artistic elements, forging a new direction for the brand. Additionally, efforts were made to promote Macau’s brand identity to other cities and countries, introducing overseas audiences to the creative prowess and products originating from Macau.