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Architecture of Association of Macau

The predecessor of AAM, which is Macau Association of Architects in Private Practice, established in 1980 from a group of self-employed local architects. The association an international recognized association of professional architects and has maintained a close relationship with the Architectural Society of China (ASC). AAM has been invited to join ASC’s annual conferences and related academic activities since 1988, and also keeps a close relationship with some city level branches of ASC in Guangdong Province; including Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Zhuhai. In 1989, AAM filed an application for admission to the International Union of Architects (UIA) and in May 1990 AAM officially became a full member at the 17th UIA General Assembly held in Montreal, Canada. Subsequently, besides the attendance of UIA general assemblies, the AAM also participated in its Work Programs. For UIA, AAM paid host to the Science and High Tech Facilities Work Program conference in 2004 and the 17th International Seminar of the Educational and Cultural Spaces Work Program in 2006. AAM continuously maintains a close relationship with the World Association of Chinese Architects (WACA) and has also co-organized a WACA annual conference in October 2011.